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Solar Energy Solutions

Changing to Solar Energy could seem like a luxury investment when it comes to installation costs. At American Product Group we understand this and provide our clients with a $0 down payment installation costs. We will work with you and find the best plan, so you can slowly pay off your solar panel’s month by month. Our team of professionals will make sure you understand every step of the process. We will manage all the permits, financing and costs of installation so you can start enjoying clean solar energy today. This is how it works!

New and Used Car Batteries


There’s more to consider in a battery purchase than just warranty and price. Consumer habits, weather conditions, and a vehicle’s unique power needs have a direct effect on battery life. Guiding the consumer with clear choices will ensure that the correct purchase decision is made.

Powering vs Starting We bring automotive batteries to market with our new line of Powering and Starting products, leaving behind the “Good-Better-Best” paradigm and offering customers products that align with their vehicle’s specific needs—instead of batteries that offer no distinction but price.

Starting Power Reliable cranking power ensures your battery will get you going anytime.

Added Cold Performance Increased starting capability for colder temperatures.

Added Heat Protection Engineered to start your vehicle in any climate with added protection against heat damage.

Power for Features & Accessories Higher reserve capacity and faster Recovery2 ensures ample amounts of energy is available to power all your advanced safety/entertainment features and mobile accessories.

High Cycle Life Greater durability during use and higher charge acceptance ensures a longer life for your battery.

Start-Stop Compatible Start-stop systems require a battery with maximum power to support the intermittent energy draw of these modern vehicles.

Medical and Orthopedic Products

American Product Group offers a comprehensive product portfolio of orthopedic products and supplies. We offer quality products for various orthopedic needs from the best American brands. Our vast product selection include knee immobilizers, shoulder immobilizers, splints, wrist braces, thumb splints, back braces, abdominal binders, arm slings, elbow braces, neck braces, cervical collar, ankle braces, foot braces, heel cups and knee braces. We also offer orthopedic casting supplies including stockinettes, cast tape, casting and cast protectors

Oils, Oil Rigs and Pipes Equipment

American Product Group has been actively involved in the petroleum exploration and production industry, providing oil and gas equipment for the last fourteen years.

Focused on customer needs, we specialize in providing the highest level of products and services to meet all their oilfield needs. We provide a wide array of solutions for our partners in oil and gas exploration, development, and production


With 25 years in the business, we’re the absolute go-to know-how company for many companies all across the country.


We have made the best long-lasting solar panels to meet the tough environments in the USA, from beautiful salty shores to lovely dry deserts to the highest majestic mountains. With 10-year workmanship and a 25-year warranty. The engineering is done by the American Solar Group!


Complicated logistics are our specialty. Let us know what your shipping goals are and we will get your cargo there.


Our warehousing and distribution services are highly efficient with a state-of-the-art inventory system at the helm.